Sunday, October 30, 2005

Seona Dancing

I was watching some late night show a month or two ago and Ricky Gervais of the Office and Extras fame was on the show and something was mentioned about him being in an 80s new wave band called Seona Dancing. I thought this was pretty interesting, but for some reason forgot to look them up. Luckily, while browsing about on myspace I came across a myspace page someone made for Seona Dancing. Apparently after the group failed in England and broke up, they became big in the Phillipines with their song "More to Lose." If you want some more info, you can check out the links below. Personally, I think they're okay, but they're pretty down tempo kinda stuff. Clearly, I like it nice and upbeat. Here's the songs!:

More to Lose
Tell Her
Bitter Heart
You're on my side

More info:

Seona Dancing myspace
Seona Dancing fansite

Friday, October 28, 2005

Two Cent Tip

Two Cent Tip is an amazing punk rock band from Saint Peters, MO and they are back together! I saw them play at the very first show I ever went to and I loved them. They may even be one of the reasons that I even started a band. I love these guys, I enjoy the tunes and they're incredibly nice. They've been somewhat disbanded for a couple of years now due to various reasons, but they recently recorded a new EP and are going to play some live shows. If you're into Screeching Weasel or The Queers, you'll be into Two Cent Tip.

Han Solo
Where Are We Going?
Comatose Kiss
Hair Care God

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ad Astra Per Aspera

So yeah, I just checked out AAPA's site today and saw that they had posted 2 new demos from their upcoming album. If you haven't heard them before they're an experimental indie rock band from Kansas who don't get completely carried away with being all artsy fartsy and experimental to the point that the song isn't even a song anymore. They have songs that are experimental, but they are still songs. I'm not sure if that helped, but at least I tried. Here's the 2 new ones (both save target as style):

Voodoo Economics
Post-Scarcity Sing-a-Long

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I went to the Creepy Crawl to see MC Chris last week and it turned out to be a wonderful evening. It was great just hanging out with some dudes and talking about X-Men and watching some great bands rock it. I was particularly impressed with SNMNMNM. They had the whole nerd rock kinda thing going, but they played some horns, keyboard, and accordion plus instead of a bassist they have a sweet tuba player who has his tuba all rigged up to an effects board to make it sound totally awesome. Here's my favorite tune of theirs (so far):

SNMNMNM - My Defense (megaupload)

Monday, October 24, 2005

sorry for the lack of posts

VCR is an awesome synthpunk band from Richmond, Virginia and they're in the process of recording their first full length for SideOneDummy. They don't use any guitars (besides a bass I think, but it doesn't really count anyway) just a lot of sweet rocking keyboards. I'm super excited about their upcoming full length so when I found out they had a new demo up on their myspace page a few weeks ago, I flipped my lid. So here it is:

VCR - Excessive Stimuli (demo)

seriously, I'm going to start updating some more.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow

new south park tonight on Comedy Central. Here's what's going to happen:

A GLOBAL WARMING STATE OF EMERGENCY is declared in South Park. The world's largest beaver dam breaks and floods the adjacent town of Beaverton. As the victims wait for help to arrive, everyone in South Park tackles priority number one: who is to blame? Only Stan and Cartman know who’s really at fault.

It's a sad day because the X3 trailer didn't come out. Looks like I'll have to wait until December.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

acoustic Franz Ferdinand

Here's a couple of acoustic Franz Ferdinand tunes I came across today. Apparently, they're from some recent KROQ in studio performance thing. Enjoy.

Do You Want To (megaupload)
The Fallen (megaupload)

time goes by so slowly

So the new Madonna single "Hung Up" has leaked online. Her lawyers are shitting their britches and trying to do all they can, but there is no hope to stop it. You can find a link to it here. I actually kind of enjoy it. It's not super shitty like the rest of Madonna's more recent stuff. It sounds like she listened to the Gwen Stefani album and decided to do a tribute to it, which is fine by me.

The X-Men 3 teaser site is now up. You can check it out here. It totally made me cum all over myself. The trailer is supposed to come out this wednesday, as soon as I find out I will put a link here. Eeeeee!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Her Space Holiday

I'm going to make this one quick. Her Space Holiday has a new album called The Past Presents the Future. I enjoy his tunes and for some reason I knew that this album was out already or coming out or something, but I never paid attention. That was very stupid of me. Here's 3 tracks straight off of his site. I'll do a little more research later. If you haven't heard him before he's like a little more experimental Postal Service type of stuff. Electrolaptoppoppy stuff. It's good.

forever and a day
the weight of the world
a match made in texas

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I sing the body holographic

Remember Sleep Station? Probably not. I saw them with Murder by Death at the now closed Rocket Bar in STL last year at some point and they were alright. They put out a few albums on Eyeball records, but they never really got that big or anything. Amazon compares them to the Shins, Deathcab, and Of Montreal. So yeah, that kinda vibe. Well, they recently went into the studio to record a new album and did so, but then they emerged as New London Fire, not Sleep Station. New London Fire is more of an upbeat, synth rocking band. They say they're influenced by The Cars and Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall." All I know is that I like it a lot better than Sleep Station. They've said that Sleep Station is still a band and that NLF is a sort of side project, but at the same time they're trying to get rid of all their Sleep Station merch. I predict that NLF gets bigger than Sleep Station ever did which would lead to no more Sleep Station, which would be fine by me.

New London Fire - Different

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Mathematicians

I saw The Mathematicians play at Radio Cherokee last summer and they blew me away. It was the night before I was to move back home for the summer and I couldn't have spent it in a better way. I had listened to them before and not cared at all, but their live show turned me into a big fan. I bought their CD online a few days later and it's a pretty good time. I was dissapointed that it didn't include more actual songs, (there were a few instrumentals and weird robovoice skit kinda things) but their song "Binary Girl" makes it worth every penny. I've spent many a time driving in my car listening to this on repeat. It's just plain electropop greatness.

The Mathematicians - Binary Girl

- In case you missed it, you can download the new Harvey Danger album Little by Little directly from their website here

- I found a summary of what is going to happen in the trailer for X3 that will be released October 19th (the trailer not the movie) at Just Jared. It looks pretty exciting to me. Here it is:

Scene of Cyclops talking as the Professor lays to his left on a straight glass like table.
-Cyclops: "The Professor has slipped into a deep coma. A virus of some sort has overtaken his body."
-Screen flashes black: A scene of Storm talking to Kitty Pride. Kitty Pride has her hands on her face crying.
-Storm: "Sometimes the decisions we make are the hardest ones to understand, when they cause us pain."
-Screen flashes black again: Scene of Wolverine running through a forest at night. Looking behind him, he leaps towards the camera and grunts
-Screen goes black again: Music begins as a slow background drum with a low base trombone
-Scene of the X men (Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, Kitty Pride, Wolverine, Storm and Iceman) that is viewed from a hovered camera. A flash of orange light hits them and the screen goes black again
-Scene of Pyro and Iceman standing in a cave like structure glaring at each other
-(The background glows a yellowish tint)
-Pyro: "Bobby didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with fire?" (Ignites fire in hand, lights the cave)
-Iceman: "No John, my mother told YOU never to play with fire." (Hovers an ice ball in his hand)
-Screen goes black again: Scene of Cyclops again, this time talking to an off screen character in the X Mansion
-Cyclops: "The last thing I need is you here."
-Off-screen character: "The first thing you need here, is to remember who you are talking to."
-Screen black again: Scene of Colossus jumping in front of Kitty Pride to save her. A punch sends him across the screen
-Kitty Pride Yells, Rouge screams for Iceman
-Black Screen: A Scene with Magneto speaking
-Magneto: "You can not be that foolish to think you can control your powers." He begins to hurl objects off the screen
-Black Screen: Scene of Jean Grey falling to the ground through a tall building, like a wounded bird, head-first
-Black Screen: Shot of Cyclops standing over a recently dug grave. The day is dreary and grey. He has tears in his eyes
-Cyclops: "I never wanted this for us. Please believe me when I say that. I will miss you."
-Black Screen: Close up Shot of Beast
-Beast: "If we fail, we fail all of mutant kind as well."
-Black Screen, Wide Shot: Juggernaut leaping over a ravine, viewed from a side wide out shot
-Fade to Black. Professor X's Voice: "Friends sometimes die. Enemies are reborn."
-Black screen- Screen shows a large X with Wolverine's claws running across it to make a three indent.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Robot Ate Me video

The other night (October 3rd to be exact) I played with The Robot Ate Me @ Radio Cherokee in St. Louis. I had a really great time and TRAM was totally awesome. I brought along my 20 year old video camera and tried to capture some of the greatness. It's pretty dark, (due to the venues darkness) but it's still good. So here's a video of the Robot Ate Me performing "Bad Feelings."

The Robot Ate Me - Bad Feelings (live @ Radio Cherokee video)

Also, Stereogum linked me again for the British Whale track I posted awhile back. You can head over there and find a link to the Darkness' myspace which features an awesome new track "One Way Ticket."

You ain't no picasso has some links to videos of Weezer covering Foo Fighters' "Big Me" and Blur's "Song 2" and you know how I love Weezer.

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates, life has been really crazy and not good lately.