Saturday, March 24, 2007

Final Spiderman 3 Trailer

The final trailer for Spiderman 3 is up now. I'm sure they'll have some more, but this one has Venom in it finally sooooo yeah. He looks pretty straight.

Check it out right here

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Coconut Records

So yeah, Jason Schwartzman has a new band called Coconut Records. You know that hairy guy from those hipster movies? You're reading a blog so I'm sure you know who Jason Schwartzman is. You probably think he's really dreamy also. Anyway, here are mp3s of the 3 songs on his myspace. They're all equally great. Zoey Deschanel does some singing on "This Old Machine" and sounds as great as she did in Elf.

Coconut Records - Nightiming
Coconut Records - West Coast
Coconut Records - This Old Machine

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Akon - Don't Matter

I heard this Akon song at work a billion times today. I came home, dl-ed it and it's great! I've listened to it at least 30 some times in a row. It kinda sounds like R. Kelly's Ignition remix during the verse a bit??? Yeeeah it does. It's still awesome though.

Akon - Don't Matter

Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship - Chest Hair

Click to download individual tracks.

1. Superfun 101: Introduction to Rocketship
2. I'm a Man
3. Smell So Good
4. Image Comment
5. I Like Marvel, You Like DC
6. Touchy Feely
7. Baby Baby
8. Restart My Heart (Ctrl + Alt + Delete)
9. If I had a wife I wouldn't beat her because James Brown has already done it better
10. Backwards Upside Down Visor
11. Horsebang

Full album (Compressed Folder)

Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship @ myspace