Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Robot Ate Me video

The other night (October 3rd to be exact) I played with The Robot Ate Me @ Radio Cherokee in St. Louis. I had a really great time and TRAM was totally awesome. I brought along my 20 year old video camera and tried to capture some of the greatness. It's pretty dark, (due to the venues darkness) but it's still good. So here's a video of the Robot Ate Me performing "Bad Feelings."

The Robot Ate Me - Bad Feelings (live @ Radio Cherokee video)

Also, Stereogum linked me again for the British Whale track I posted awhile back. You can head over there and find a link to the Darkness' myspace which features an awesome new track "One Way Ticket."

You ain't no picasso has some links to videos of Weezer covering Foo Fighters' "Big Me" and Blur's "Song 2" and you know how I love Weezer.

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates, life has been really crazy and not good lately.


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