Wednesday, May 23, 2007

new R Kelly

R Kelly's new album Double Up leaked and I'm disappointed. With titles like Sex Planet, Havin' a Baby, and Freaky in the Club, I was really hoping for some good times, but not so much. Sex Planet is a slow jam, so that let me down. I thought there was no way Havin' a Baby could not be hilarious, but it's about being happy about having a baby instead of Ooooooh shit she's having a baby. I did find one song I really enjoy though and that's Rock Star featuring the talents of Ludacris and Kid Rock. Kid Rock! Kid Rock doesn't do enough in this song I think, but oh well. He doesn't even get his own verse. Luda's line about poking a girl to death is gold though.

I apologize for not using a bunch of quotes around song titles. That would have been a lot of quotes.

R Kelly - Rock Star featuring Ludacris and Kid Rock


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