Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I sing the body holographic

Remember Sleep Station? Probably not. I saw them with Murder by Death at the now closed Rocket Bar in STL last year at some point and they were alright. They put out a few albums on Eyeball records, but they never really got that big or anything. Amazon compares them to the Shins, Deathcab, and Of Montreal. So yeah, that kinda vibe. Well, they recently went into the studio to record a new album and did so, but then they emerged as New London Fire, not Sleep Station. New London Fire is more of an upbeat, synth rocking band. They say they're influenced by The Cars and Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall." All I know is that I like it a lot better than Sleep Station. They've said that Sleep Station is still a band and that NLF is a sort of side project, but at the same time they're trying to get rid of all their Sleep Station merch. I predict that NLF gets bigger than Sleep Station ever did which would lead to no more Sleep Station, which would be fine by me.

New London Fire - Different


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