Saturday, September 17, 2005

this really is too close to call

So Stereogum linked me up for the Scott Baio song from my last post. That's totally awesome and made me jump up and down and around.

Belaire is an electropop act from Austin, Texas who I recently stumbled across on myspace. Usually on myspace I just find a lot of crap, but these girls and boys are the opposite of crap. You can download a rough mix (it sounds fine) of their song Haunted below and stream 3 other songs on their myspace page. Their myspace page also mentions a midwest tour coming soon that's going to hit up St. Louis, I'll definetly be checking them out then.

Belaire - Haunted (Rough Mix) (megaupload)

- In other news, Metric has posted the video for their new single "Monster Hospital" on their site. It's filled with blood and hands and all that good stuff. You can check it out here.


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