Wednesday, September 28, 2005

son, cover your ears

Murder By Death have posted a song from their upcoming new album "In Bocca Di Lupo." It looks like they're officially down to a 4 piece now, which means they are without a keyboardist now. That kinda sucks since A) Their original keyboardist, Vincent was an awesome dude and B) the keyboard added a lot to the songs, I saw them live without a keyboardist and it was completely different. The new song is alright, it's not amazing or anything. This reminded me that I recorded the show I mentioned before with a little recorder thing and they played some new stuff. It sounds pretty bad, but I might post them sometime anyway. Check it out.

Murder by Death - Dynamite Mine


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Blogger buck said...

Uggh, why do all these blogwhore ad guys always comment. I hate it. Cool post and cool blog, Corey! Haven't seen you in a while. Drop me a line sometime.


6:50 AM  

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