Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Only Cream and Bastards Rise

Today the new Harvey Danger album Little By Little is being released. The album is going to be put out on Bittorrent next Tuesday and you can download it right from their site a week after that. What awesome dudes, just giving away their album. That's the kind of musicians that I like. I wasn't a huge fan of their big hit "Flagpole Sitta" (I grew to appreciate it) but from the moment I saw their video for "Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo" off of their second album King James Version, I knew I was a Harvey Danger fan. I was pretty down when they broke up, but now all is well and they're back to kicking ass and taking names. Here's 2 songs from the new album. One rocking and one a little more gentle.

Harvey Danger - Cream and Bastards Rise (megaupload)

Harvey Danger - Little Round Mirrors (megaupload)

In a day or two I'll be posting an exclusive Scott Baio track thanks to my great pal Cody


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Blogger Skot-bot said...

Harvey Danger... I dont know, I appreciate that they are giving away their album, however they always seemed like a noovelty band to me.
But thats just my opinion and I havent ever really listened to much of their albums.
Oh and Corey,
doesnt it suck big time to get all these fake comments, which end up just being spam?
so lame
oh well
keep up the good work

7:51 AM  

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