Monday, May 14, 2007

new Maroon 5

The new Maroon 5 album It Won't Be Soon Before Long leaked this weekend. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking "Corey, Maroon 5 is totally lame/they suck hard," they really don't though. Their first album had some catch singles and after hearing their new single "Makes Me Wonder" I decided I'd give this album a try. It's not super awesome or anything, but it's got some good tunes. Just give it a listen.

Maroon 5 - Nothing Lasts Forever
Maroon 5 - Not Falling Apart
Maroon 5 - Little of Your Time

"Nothing Lasts Forever" uses some of the lyrics from the Kanye/Adam Levine collabo "Heard 'Em Say." "Not Falling Apart" is a good tune and "Little of Your Time" kinda reminds me of "Hey Ya."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new album blows. It's way overproduced and too poppy. They used to be a band, now they're a boy/pop group. Total garbage... *barf*.

1:12 PM  

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