Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Portugal The Man

My friend Wes was really into these guys when they were called Anatomy of a Ghost and were screamo-y. We saw them at the Warped Tour a few years ago and they talked to us awhile and took pictures with us and all that jazz. I didn't really care for them then (except the nice moustaches they had), but Portugal The Man is okay with me. I remember listening to Portugal The Man awhile back and thinking it was a lot more like music to sleep to (like Sigur Ros) but what I hear now isn't like that so maybe I was wrong or they just sound different now...or maybe they do both. Anyways, I am enjoying Portugal The Man at the moment so I thought I'd share them with you in case you had not heard of them yet. Since I am horrible at describing what bands sound like this is what the insound page says:

"Their soulful indie rock blends influences from the ever seminal sounds of early 70's rock, R&B, and vintage soul with the latest innovations in melodious experimentation (drum machines, programming, sampling)"

sounds good to me.

AKA M80 The Wolf
Stables and Chairs
Marching with 6

You can preorder their album "Waiter: You Vultures!" over at insound


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