Wednesday, November 30, 2005

a song from this evening's episode of Lost

On tonight's episode of Lost I couldn't help but getting all excited when a great song by Skeeter Davis was playing in the background of the diner when Kate was telling her mother goodbye. It's called "The End of the World" and is a nice touching little ditty. I first heard about it because I have some obscure mp3 of Rivers Cuomo covering a bit of it and it said it was a Nina Gordon (ex Veruca Salt) cover. I downloaded Nina Gordon's version and later found out that it was actually a Skeeter Davis cover. If I was an awesome guy I would post all 3, but I'm not because I have tons of studying to be doing. Maybe this weekend? That's probably too late. Anyways, I just searched around and fould a wma file of the Skeeter Davis version right here


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