Thursday, January 11, 2007


At the People's Choice Awards Halle Berry won Favorite Female Action Star for sucking at Storm in X3. She said this about it:

"I had no idea you guys loved Storm so much! Wow, thank you, thank you. And I want to thank Tom Rothman for allowing me to play Storm, and Brett Ratner for allowing Storm to finally use her cape and fly this year." said Halle Berry at yesterday's People's Choice Awards.

"But I have something to ask you guys. You guys really love X-Men? Ok, here's what you have to do. Write letters. Every one of you in this building who love X-Men and want to see X-Men 4, write a letter to Tom Rothman at Fox and tell him so and you will get another one, and I'll be there too."

I really remember her bitching a bunch and wanting more screen time and wanting to not make the movies and all kinds of craziness, now she wants to make X4? Maybe it's because she makes shit movies that no one sees like Catwoman and Gothika and realized that the only way anyone is going to come see her is if she's wearing a white wig.

You can write or email Tom Rothman (who I have also heard hates the whole X-Men franchise and wanted it to fail) and tell him to not be an idiot and make X4 with the info below:

20th Century Fox Theatricals
ATTN: Tom Rothman (X-Men 4)
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

found at Superherohype!


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