Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Twitty Tuesday!

Hello there! School is being a rough beast this semester so I apologize if I start slacking or being crappier than usual. I'm gone for 12 hours straight on Tuesdays, which really puts a damper on the great day that is Twitty Tuesday. This one is going to be quick because I am very tired and I'm going to go watch Battle Royale. "Hello Darlin" is a great Conway tune, it pulls on the heart. He's just trying to tell his baby that he misses her and didn't mean to do her wrong.

Conway Twitty - Hello Darlin' (hyperupload)

- Ozma is back together, you ain't no picasso beat me to it and posted some good ozma tracks, I'll post one or two when my internet stops being crazy. Which reminds me, my internet is being crazy. As soon as I get on my computer it stops working. My roommates have a blast on it all day long with their superfastness, but as soon as I get on the internet in our apartment dies.


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